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We also look after gardens in Hammmersmith, Fulham, Chelsea, Wandsworth, Barnes, Kensington and Wimbledon.

We offer everything from full-scale garden design, remodelling and planting to regular maintenance and one-off tidy ups. As you can see from our gallery, our gardeners can transform a bare balcony or terrace into a chic urban space or turn a rambling, overgrown suburban garden into a lush oasis full of colour and interest throughout the year. If you want to grow your own vegetables but don’t know where to start, we can help. And we’re experts when it comes to ecological solutions and creating wildlife havens.

Call us for a no-obligation assessment and quote, whether your project is large or small. Payment is always on completion.

Many of our clients have stayed with us since we started in 2007. Check out our testimonials section for their comments. We are qualified horticulturalists and worked closely with Fulham Palace Garden Centre, a charitable organisation run by The Prince’s Trust.

We also fund an innovative educational conservation project in Nepal:  Garden in the Himalayas.



Purna Gurung has lived in London since 2000 and from 2007, he has been successfully running his gardening business- Lalupate Gardening. He completed RHS level 2 in Horticulture at Lambeth College. As a young man he spent time as an intern at the farm in Nepal and in 1996 at an organic farm in Hvisten, Norway which was a hugely inspirational experience. He moved on to work for an NGO creating community gardens to improve the diet of rural villagers and was invited by the project’s sponsors, Kandoori Farm and Botanical Gardens, to study at their base in Hong Kong.

He belives that nature (and human spirit) has no boundries and what is saved and nourished in one part of the world will one day benefit the whole Mother Earth.


Today he continues to design, create and maintain gardens in west London, but his real passion is the Garden In The Himalayas, the botanic garden he started in 2012 in his family’s village of Tanchok.

The Garden, originating from Purna’s love for plants and a long-lasting fascination with organic farming and permaculture, was started to preserve native plants of Nepal; rare ornamentals, potent medicinals and those in danger of vanishing for ever

The ultimate vision is to initiate a long-term awareness project that preserves native plants and educates the locals about the importance of protecting their natural habitat. During his twice-yearly visits, in August and February, Purna mounts a plant-hunting expedition, trekking into the Himalayas to record rarities and garner stock for his garden.