Mandy Yates, Fulham

I have a large 75ft garden. I just wasn’t coping with it due to being away, the weather, a bad back, etc. I was introduced to Purna in 2011 and over the last couple of years it’s been transformed. I buy bulbs every Autumn which helps to make it a great Spring garden, and now more clematis and climbing roses will assist with Summer and Autumn colour. Purna has worked in the garden when I’ve been away, borrowing the keys from a neighbour, and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to any friends who either need instant or long term help with their gardens.

Sally, Putney

Purna has been creating our garden for 10yrs. now. Originally it was really dislate little patch. Now it is abundant-climbing roses, herbs, hollyhocks, vines full and vibrant as a cottage garden- I love it! He is delightful to have around and his knowledge + enthusiasm is contagious. I have never enjoyed having a garden so much.

Katie Campbell, Putney

I have no hesitation in recommending Purna for garden maintenance. He has helped in my garden in Putney for about 9 years; he knows what he’s doing and works quickly, efficiently and neatly, he is diligent, responsible and reliable. And he is a lovely presence to have around.

Lyn Schlesinger, Chelsea

Purna runs a very professional and friendly gardening service. He has a lot of knowledge about flowers and plants and always endeavours to create a beautiful outdoor area. He is totally reliable, honest and trustworthy.

Jennifer Gwynn, Fulham

Purna has been looking after my garden for several years and it was a luckyday for me when he arrived. His knowledge, imagination and enthusiasm are agreat asset and my friends envy me my beautiful garden.

Jane Mace, Putney

When I moved into my new house in 2006 the garden was completely overgrown. Purna transformed it and keeps it looking lovely. He is a great guy and such a hard worker. I would recommend Lalupate to anyone.

Theresa Tobin, Fulham

I have known Purna for seven years. He has helped with big and small tasks - pruning, planting, redesigning and generally seems to be able to cover anything to do with the garden. He has a keen eye for design and works extremely hard. He is honest, reliable and has a pleasant personality and is always extremely enthusiastic about any project. Purna allows you to work with him (if so desired), always listens to your ideas and thoughts and never dismisses them because he is a professional. He gives sound advice and is always a pleasure to have around your home/garden. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone and I am happy for anyone to contact me for a reference.

Rachel Wales, Putney

Lalupate are very friendly, polite, tidy and efficient and our garden always looks immaculate after their visit. We have not only used them for general garden maintenance on a regular basis since 2007 but also for laying a new lawn, planting a new border and installing a garden shed. We have also recommended them to a number of neighbours and friends.

Jane Stewart, Fulham

I have known and employed Purna Gurung for six years. He is charming, honest, reliable and an excellent gardener. I value his knowledge, experience and work and I and my garden could not manage without him.

Mr W E Marty, Putney

I have employed Purna Gurung as a gardener for three years. He was recommended by several neighbours who had made use of his expertise for much longer. His gardening skills are beyond question and I have been greatly impressed by his extensive knowledge of trees, plants and soils. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who can make use of his great knowledge and ability.